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    5pcb.com is the PCB manufacturing and processing entity of D.M.Electronic International Limited . This website is aimed at offering our member-clients a fast and convenient experience for obtaining PCB quotations, and purchasing PCBs and services. Simply register to become a member. Registration will allow you to get free quotes, and submit purchases orders.

    D.M.Electronic International Limited

    ◇ Our mission is to become the top rated manufacturer of quick turn PCB prototypes and small batches PCB production, by offering high-quality products, excellent services, and low prices.

    1,Our term has more than 21 years experiences in PCB industry. It means we have a lot of resources and relationships in China.  
    2,We have online pricing system can quote the easy PCB anytime. We also will make offers by hand in working hours for you.  
    3,We can provide 24 hours and 48 hours production services. All kinds PCB like rigid, flexible,rigid-flexible,AL-Core, CU-Core, RF,HDI,Heavy copper,FR1,FR2,CEM1 and CEM3 ETC we provide one-stop services.   
    4,We have PCB inspectors in house and packing machine. We locatled in ShaJing of ShenZhen,it's not far away then 10KM to go to our main suppliers. We always do 100% inspection of all PCBs again,no mater it's from another city or ShenZhen. Some urgent orders, we will go to the factories to follow it.  
    5,We have colleagues in Germany, if any big problems, they can go to your office to solve it. If you directly works with our German colleagues,you will have better communication and the same working hours. Our German company also have quality insurance, if something happened, the insurance company will pay your lost very soon.  
    6,For bigger orders,We accept 30 to 60days payment term without hesitation. 

    Company profiles

    ◇  D.M.Electronic International Limited  is a professional company dedicating to manufacturing printed circuit boards. We offer a wide variety of electric services from PCB design, quick PCB prototypes, small batch PCB productions, and Turnkey PCBA. Annual printed circuit boards production exceeds 300,000 square feet. Our products are used in the fields of computers, medical treatment, communication, aviation, instrumentation, micro-electronics and automated-control. Our company has a team of highly degreed engineers specializing in technology, management, and operation. 43% of our employees have a junior college educational background.

    DME is one of the supply chain management company in PCB industry founded in 2006,we have been serviced more than 1000 customers around of the world. We have many PCB suppliers in China and oversea, we can supply the multiple soultion for all kind PCB or FPC or PCBA,from 1-42 layers, from 1pcs to 10 Million pcs.


    Quality control

    Our products IPC600G are strictly in accordance with the international standard production and inspection. We have got UL certification.