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The following is our capability
Product category: 1layer,2layers and Multi-layer layers up to 26 layers,Aluminum circuit board with 1-2layers
Monthly output: Mass: 3,000 square meters/ month,Prototypes:2,000 square meters/ month
Factory premises area: 5000 Square meters
Employees number: 300 Persons
Base material: FR4 ,FR4 high TG,Aluminum.
Surface finish: Hasl,Hasl leadfree,Gold plate,Gold finger,Immersion gold,Immersion tin ,Entek
Items Mass Prototypes
Layers 1-8 Layers 1-26 Layers
Max. Panel Size 600*770mm( 23.62"*30.31") 600*770mm(23.62"*30.31") 500*1200mm(19.69"*47.24")
Max.Board Thickness 8.5mm 8.5mm
Min. Board Thickness 2L:0.3mm 2L:0.2mm
4L:0.4mm 4L:0.4mm
6L:0.8mm 6L:0.6mm
Min Inner Layer Clearance 0.175mm(7mil) 0.125mm(5mil)
Min Line width 0.1mm(4/4 mil) 0.1mm(4/4 mil)
Min Line space 0.1mm(4/4 mil) 0.1mm(4/4 mil)
Min.Hole Size 0.2mm(8mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min plated hoe thickness 0.020mm(0.8mil) 0.020mm(0.8mil)
Min Blind/Buried hole size 0.2mm(8mil) 0.2mm(1-8layers)(8mil)
PTH Dia. Tolerance ±0.076mm(±3mil) ±0.076mm(±3mil)
Non PTH Dia. Tolerance ±0.05mm(±2mil) ±0.05mm(±2mil)
Hole Position Deviation ±0.05mm(±2mil) ±0.05mm(±2mil)
Heavy Coppe 4OZ/140μm 5OZ/175μm
Min S/M Pitch 0.1mm (4mil) 0.1mm (4mil)
Soldermask colour Green,black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red Green,black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red
Silkscreen colour White,Yellow,Red,Black White,Yellow,Red,Black
Outline Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm ±6mil ±0.15mm (±6mil)
Peelable mask Top,bottom,double sided Top,bottom,double sided
Controlled Impedance +/- 10% +/- 7%
Insulation Resistance 1×1012Ω(Normal) 1×1012Ω(Normal)
Through Hole Resistance <300Ω(Normal) <300Ω(Normal)
Thermal Shock 3×10sec@288℃ 3×10sec@288℃
Warp and Twist ≤0.7% ≤0.7%
Electric Strength >1.3KV/mm >1.4KV/mm
Peel Strength 1.4N/mm 1.4N/mm
Solder Mask Abrasion >6H >6H
Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
Test Voltage 50-330V 50-330V
  Quick-Turn leadtime
Layers Prototypes Mass(≤10m2)
Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime
1layer 24hours(1 working days) 48hours(2 working days) 72hours(3 working days) 120hours(5 working days)
2layers 24hours(1 working days) 96hours(4 working days) 96hours(4 working days) 144hours(6working days)
4layers 48hours(2 working days) 144hours(6 working days) 144hours(6 working days) 192hours(8 working days)
6layers 96hours(4 working days) 168hours(7 working days) 192hours(8 working days) 240hours(10 working days)
8layers 120hours(5 working days) 192hours(8 working days) 216hours(9 working days) 264hours(11working days)

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