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Quote Online/Flexible PCB

Unit: mm    inch
Order type: First order

Materials: Polyimide

Layers: 1L   2L   4L   6L

Solder mask: Cover film    Solder resist

Color: Yellow   White   Black   NO   Other    Click here

Stiffener: NO   Polyimide   FR-4   Steel    

Out finished Copper: 18um(0.5OZ)  35um(1OZ)

Finished Thickness:

3M Tape: NO   Yes  

Panel-Type: Single piece         1x1   
Multi piece     1 panel = pcs   

Panel Size:  x   mm


1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th   pcs
(*you can quote for four different quantities' price at the same time)

Surface: ENIG(Chem.gold) (AU=1u″) OSP    No

E-test: NO     Yes    
No E-test, may be result in open circuit or short circuit.

Silk Screen: White   Black   Green   NO

Out lines: Laser cut    Punching   
Under 2 , we suggest you to use Laser cut .
Above 2 , we suggest to you use Punching .
only for 1-20pcs,you can By hand.

Production time:

Shipping Costs: Charged by shipper    Charged by consignee

ship to:

Currency: USD    EUR


If you have finished your PCB design, please upload it here. And then you can get the quotation by E-mail
Please add our Email address: sales@5pcb.com to your Email white list at first.
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